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What is SHINE?

Global Oak Tree Scholars (G.O.T.S) SHINE Programme is officially the first experiential Emotional Intelligence (EQ) focused training framework in SouthEast Asia (SEA).


Designed by training & coaching experts who come from industry, this program is focused on competencies, not just theories. SHINE is a framework developed to scale according to the audience. Flexible in terms of how lesson plans may be delivered to children between 5-12 years old. One of the crucial elements of SHINE is, less lecturing, more doing. Every SHINE class is an experience, with a singular focus and underlying truth about life to be learnt through play by the kids.


SHINE is designed specifically to develop a sense of self within a child. There is a big difference between being Childish vs. Child-like. Kids will learn this in SHINE. Group-activities, role-play, Q&A, games, and confidence-building initiatives are all part of SHINE’s training methodology.


(S)ocial, (H)umble, (I)maginative, (N)etwork, (E)ffective — moulding your child to be committed to life’s core values that will accelerate his or her journey towards industry or entrepreneurial success.


Exclusively found only at G.O.T.S. Watch out for a G.O.T.S opening up in your neighbourhood soon! Ask us about SHINE!

Life Skills & Empowerment

Introducing G.O.T.S SHINE coach Dr. AJ Minai (Ph.D)

Dr. A.J Minai is a TEDx Speaker, Digital Storyteller,Mentor, Trainer, Serial Entrepreneur, & CMO (Chief Motivational Officer) at the Tomorrow Academy.


With over a decade of industry experience, he coaches established professionals & brands today on the “Millennial mindset” within a Digitally Disrupted world.


His key areas of focus include Digital Leadership, Millennial Sales & Employability Skills, Experiential Learning Models, Inter-generational Workplace Management, & Brand Humanisation.


Dr. A.J is obsessed with bridging the intergenerational & digital gaps that exist in today’s market through story-telling so that professionals understand why they need to drive themselves & their organisations with more deliberate Digital DNA (D²) and Emotional Intelligence (EQ).


Over the years, he has interacted & consulted with a host of organisations, such as Google, Allianz, Legrand, IBM, SimeDarby, MediaPrima, UEM, CIMB, Maybank, MAHB, AirAsia, Singtel, Astro, Schneider, TM, Ekuinas, and many more.


Today he continues to pursue his passion as a serial entrepreneur who actively coaches students, professionals, & brands in ATDS — “All Things Digital & Social” so that organisations understand “disruption” from a more actionable & human perspective, which in turn is the key to tangible returns (ROI) within the digital age.


Dr. AJ Minai (Ph.D)

TEDx Speaker, Tomorrow Academy

Dr. AJ Minai in Action at TEDex UCSI University 2017.

Educate For Life, Not For Work | AJ Minai | TEDxUCSIUniversity

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