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Taiko Drums

Taiko Drums

Taiko drums – it’s more than just music

Have you ever watched a Taiko drums performance and wondered how they do it?

Global Oak Tree Scholars (GOTS) International School’s Head of Academics, Gerard Abisheganaden, said learning the instrument teaches you to be patient, a team player and promotes good hand-eye coordination.

“Taiko drums is a disciplined art form,” said Abisheganaden, who has a Bachelor’s Degree in Audio-Engineering from the Metronome Academy of A/V Engineering in Melbourne, Australia.

“It takes a group effort to make a performance work – you cannot beat the drums to your own rhythm.

“That is why I’m sad that we cannot be in school, as there is so much more I want to teach the scholars.

“I have planned a whole bunch of new stuff for them, plus we have many new scholars who are only just discovering the beauty of Taiko drums.”

Abisheganaden added Taiko drums is also a form of exercise as the performers need to have good breathing techniques, and know how to stand and swing their arms.

“It is not as easy as some may think. You need to be disciplined to master the techniques,” said Abisheganaden, who has been involved in music his whole life, performing ‘live’ for over 30 years, while also being an academician.

“It can be quite vigorous as well, that is why you have to have good breathing techniques.”

He added there is a kind of ‘telepathy’ involved, as the performers in the front, cannot see what is happening behind them.

“Most of the time, they are looking in front, so they cannot see what is happening to their sides as well.

“Many of our scholars have managed to become quite good at it. We offer Taiko drums as part of their Chill Out and Funky Munky sessions as it is a good instrument to learn.”

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