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Talented Darsnika

Talented Darsnika

One-on-one lessons pay off for talented Darsnika

Darsnika Mathanaseelan is one confident seven-year-old.

Two years ago, she was one of the ‘stars’ of Global Oak Tree Scholars (GOTS) International School’s annual concert – Once Upon A Journey – playing the part of Moana.

But acting is not her only talent. She recently received merit in her violin performance Grade 1 examination.

“I was so nervous before the exam, but the tips and advice I received from GOTS’ music coach, Nasirah Nur Ibrahim, helped me a lot,” said Darsnika.

“I have been learning violin since 2018 at Music Avenue. The teacher there is so patient and understanding as well.

“I’m so happy to have earned merit in my first examination. It was a good experience.”

Darsnika said she got hooked on the violin as her parents are classical music fans.

“My favourite composers are (Antonio) Vivaldi, (Wolfgang Amadeus) Mozart and (Ludwig van) Beethoven,” said Darsnika, who opted to learn the violin as she liked the way it sounds.

“I’m very lucky teacher Nasirah is also a violinist. She gave me plenty of tips during our lessons.”

For the record, Nasirah graduated from the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland (RCS) in July 2018, majoring in violin performance, which also consisted of how to educate and perform.

She is also an alumna of the Malaysian Philharmonic Youth Orchestra.

“I’m really thankful to GOTS International School and Nasirah for helping my daughter,” said Darsnika’s father, Mark T. Mathan.

“She volunteered to give the scholars free violin lessons once a week. The intention was to expose them to a new instrument, but it was a bonus for Darsnika as she received one-on-one lessons.

“It is a pity she was not feeling well during the day of the virtual examination. If she was not on medication, I am sure she would have gotten a distinction.”

He added: “We are extremely proud to be part of GOTS and grateful it can attract highly talented coaches.

“The school is so much more than just about academics. It pays attention to the arts, and allows the students to express themselves in so many ways.”

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