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Teamwork among coaches, parents and scholars makes online lessons a breeze

Global Oak Tree Scholars (GOTS) International School co-founder Veronica Shepherdson admits reverting to online lessons is not ideal but is grateful to her team of coaches for making the transition smooth.

GOTS International School’s academic year began on Jan 6, but a week later, Selangor was among several states to return to Movement Control Order (MCO) which meant schools had to be closed.

It was not totally unexpected given the surge in Covid-19 cases and GOTS International School was well-prepared.

“Our coaches had set up lessons for physical and online classes,” said Shepherdson.

“In fact, we prepared six months’ worth of lessons, homework and activities to cover the first term.

“We compiled them into a booklet which we handed to the parents. It didn’t matter if there was an MCO or not, everything was ready.

“This was to ensure their studies would not be disrupted if we returned to online lessons.

“We did the same for arts and crafts which we will introduce for online lessons this time.”

Shepherdson explained that by getting all the material ready, scholars and parents wouldn’t have to scramble to print them.

During the first MCO, some parents didn’t have printers at home while some ran out of ink, she said.

“There was one parent who didn’t have a printer and couldn’t go anywhere to buy one.

“So we printed out the material and sent them to the family,” said Shepherdson.

“My coaches have done a marvellous job. It is not easy thinking so far ahead but they did it.”

She added the feedback from parents has been positive. And with online lessons, parents now understand how lessons are conducted.

“They also understand how difficult it is to handle the younger ones during online classes. But the parents have been there every step of the way to assist us,” said Shepherdson.

“The one most positive thing about online classes is that parents can witness our teaching methodology.

“And they appreciate what we are doing.”

More importantly, she said the scholars have also accepted online lessons as the norm.

“Initially, we had to call up the parents and ask them to make sure the scholars’ cameras were on and to make sure they are on time. That doesn’t happen anymore,” she said.

“The scholars have got into the momentum and know what to do and to be ready before class starts.

“We must be doing something right if the scholars look forward to school.”

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