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Zen and Art

Zen and Art

Zen and the ‘art’ of arts and crafts

It can be stressful for those stuck at home during the Movement Control Order (MCO).

Add on the burden of working from home or studying online and the stress will increase.

One way those at Global Oak Tree Scholars (GOTS) International School overcome this is via their arts and crafts classes.

Coach Nancy Khoo has introduced several new elements for the Year 4, 5 and 6 scholars, one of which is Zen doodle.

A Zen doodle uses small drawings or doodles surrounded by repetitive patterns that bring the doodles together. A Zen doodle usually includes colour and shading to differentiate between the doodles and the patterns.

In many countries, Zen doodle is seen as self-help art therapy to enhance relaxation and focus.

“Arts and crafts lessons are very relaxing not just for children but adults too,” said Khoo, who has been with GOTS International School since its inception.

“For online arts and crafts which we started this year, we got the scholars to do Zen doodle as well as origami.

“We also got them to design face masks, Valentine’s Day cards and painting.

“I also play some ‘studying music’ when they are doing their projects.”

‘Study music’ is soothing numbers that help promote calmness, de-stress and stimulate the brain.

Khoo admitted there are some challenges for online arts and crafts as she cannot see what the scholars are doing.

“It would be easier to correct their technique when they are in a physical classroom – especially when they are trying to do origami for the first time,” said Khoo.

“Some can be frustrated when they cannot get it right.”

To overcome this, scholars have to email their completed work for evaluation.

“Overall, I would say they are doing just fine but it will get better when school re-opens.”

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