Our Vision

To develop an entire generation of financial savvy kids and teenagers . To do that, they will need to complement their academic achievement with financial literacy.

Our courses are designed to do just that. We have courses / programmes for children (aged 6-12 years old) and teenagers (aged 13-17 years old). We are currently the leading financial literacy provider in the region an and our programmes lead to certification from our international certification partners.

GOTS FinancialSmart

FinancialSmart a financial literacy programme embedded into the GOTS curriculum. Run in collaboration with the world-renowned MoneyTree, it is aimed at developing financial savvy kids and teenagers by complementing academic achievement with financial literacy.

The programme is designed for children (aged 6-12 years old) and teenagers (aged 13-17 years old) and it teaches children about financial literacy through play. The interactive sessions focuses on a real-life case studies to help children understand the concept of money; with the aim of equipping them with a life skill that will prepare them for the real-world.

Why GOTS FinancialSmart?

Develops your child to be financially savvy- At GOTS, your child will learn to understand financial concepts like saving, investing, interest, asset vs liabilities etc, providing them the foundation towards financial literacy.

Helps your child to acquire the right money habits- Your child will learn important and practical money habits like “Paying Yourself First”, “Save Early & Save Often”, “Plan Before You Spend” etc.

Applied Knowledge- Knowledge is only useful when it is applied correctly, hence our learning modules are experiential in nature. Your child is given Money, Credit card, jobs, etc and put through a ‘mini economy’ in which earning, spending, saving and investing are part of the syllabus.

Character building / development for your child- Besides acquiring financial literacy, the GOTS FinancialSmart programme also helps in character development as we run your child through the various activities & challenges. GOTS children are more self-confident, more adaptable in problem solving, develop important leadership, social & networking skills

How Do We Ensure Your Child’s Journey in Financial Intelligence is Complete?

We offer Structured & Certified Programmes A Financial Profiling Tool that constantly tracks your child’s Progress.

A ‘Learn Through Play’ Approach…that provides Fun-filled lessons

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